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Grow your ARR by 15% with automated customer referrals

Enterprise SaaS using GrowSurf’s referral program software get new business on autopilot with excellent ROI

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14 day free trial • No credit card required

"We use Growsurf to track ALL of our referrals, from paid acquisition channels to newsletters. GrowSurf is responsible for 15% of our new ARR from the last six weeks."

Nick IpAbouzeid
Nick Abouzeid
Head of Marketing at MainStreet
What’s possible with GrowSurf?

Grow your enterprise SaaS with strategic referral rewards

Get more demo call bookings by offering both your referring customers and new leads with gift cards, cash payouts, or account credits. Give rewards when new meetings are booked or when the deal gets closed — or both.

Here are examples of how enterprise customers are using GrowSurf:

Refer a friend and you'll both get $30 when they schedule a call with us!
For every friend you refer, you'll get a $100 Tango Card of your choice, with 200+ retailers, after 30 days of them becoming a paying customer!
Get a $100 gift card after you refer someone and they complete the signup process.
Give $200, get $200. For every person you refer, we'll give you both $200 off your next campaign.
Refer a friend and receive a $50 gift card when they make their first booking!
Receive $500 for your organization for every person you refer that signs up with us.
We'll send you $250 cash for every referral that raises $2,500.
Earn up to $300 by sharing your love for OurCompany! For every person you refer who completes a demo, you will receive a $50 eGift. For every deal that closes, you will receive an additional $250 eGift.
14-day free trial
14 day free trial • No credit card required
Our Features

Explore what makes GrowSurf the perfect enterprise referral program solution

Easy referral tracking
Simple referral tracking behind your existing lead flow
GrowSurf works silently in the background to automagically track referrals by attaching on to your current lead capture flow. No need to change the existing form and automations you already have in place.
HubSpot referral tracking
Fully automated rewards
Set your rewards on autopilot
Fully automate gift cards, cash payouts, or account credits in just a few clicks using our integrations.
You can always choose the people that receive rewards, fully automated or with manual approval.
Gift cards
Cash payouts
Account credits (via webhooks or Zapier)
gift card referral reward
No-code landing pages
Your customers can easily track their referral progress
GrowSurf-hosted referral portal landing pages make it easy for your customers to track their progress and share referral links.
No additional signup step is required from your customers, as they will automatically see their referral link and can start sharing immediately.
referral portal
Automate referrals
Connect to your CRM and GrowSurf knows when referrals happen
GrowSurf connects to CRMs like HubSpot, so referrals can be automatically recognized when your sales team closes deals. No coding required.
You can also automate referrals by connecting to your payment platform.
Recurly (via Zapier)
HubSpot referral program
Third-party integrations
Promote your referral program from your CRM, email service provider, or customer success tools
Integrate your referral program with the marketing tools that you use for your enterprise SaaS, like your CRM, email service provider, or customer success software.
Referral emails
100% whitelabeled

The fact that you didn’t code your referral program will be a secret.

Automated rewards

Automate fulfillment or review and approve awards manually.

Built to be easy

Avoid bulky enterprise tools and enjoy clean UX.

Cuts referral program setup time from days to hours

Building in-house takes weeks. Other referral software takes days. GrowSurf takes less than one day.

Save development resources

One year of GrowSurf costs less than what it takes for your dev team to build a referral program from scratch.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team and provide controlled access.

Campaign analytics

Get more insight into your referral marketing efforts than you've ever had before.

Excellent customer service

You can expect top-notch, responsive support from our team.

Anti-fraud system

GrowSurf blocks fraudsters and comes with a suite of anti-fraud tools to combat repeat offenders.

14-day free trial
14 day free trial • No credit card required

Tap into your customers for stand-out organic growth

Grow your customer base with a scalable referral program that sets up your enterprise SaaS for organic success and excellent ROI

14-day free trial
14 day free trial • No credit card required

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