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With GrowSurf, minimize the amount of effort required for implementing a refer-a-friend program that lives within your product.

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14 day free trial • No credit card required

Trusted by fast-growing B2C, FinTech, and SaaS companies

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"There are GrowSurf features that if we had to build in-house, we wouldn't have. And it would suck if we didn't have them. Because we have GrowSurf, it's just so easy to implement that it makes everyone's lives easier."

Joshua Ip
Joshua Ip
Software Engineer at MainStreet
How It Works

Integrate in an afternoon

Track referrals on your existing user signup flow. No need to set up any new landing pages or change your current form and automations that are already in place.
Rewards are only unlocked when a qualifying action is completed by the pending referral.
When rewards are unlocked, automatically send them out to the winners.
A referral portal lets your users easily share their referral link and track their referral progress. GrowSurf provides the following no-code solutions.
A complete development toolkit

Our developer tools make creating any custom referral program possible

GrowSurf's flexible APIs, webhooks, and documentation make implementation easy.

Our Features

Explore what makes GrowSurf the perfect referral program solution

Create, launch, and manage a custom referral program without writing any code
Installation is a breeze. Set up referral tracking and automate reward fulfillment without writing any code. With GrowSurf, you can easily make changes to things like reward goals or pre-populated social share messages without getting developers involved.
no-code referral software
Replicate the referral program that you had in mind
GrowSurf supports multiple reward types. Create a referral program just like Airbnb, Dropbox, or Morning Brew.
Dropbox referral software
Get clear visibility of how well your referral program is performing
Your GrowSurf admin dashboard comes with analytics and insights so you can get a clear picture of your referral growth. Identify areas for optimization and view key metrics like referral conversion rates and the number of times participants shared on social channels.
analytics referral software
Stay organized with rewards management and automate the fulfillment process
Manage rewards right within your GrowSurf admin dashboard. With our native third-party integrations you can automatically fulfill any type of reward, including physical goods and gift cards. With our Webhooks, Zapier, Integromat, and Tango Card integrations, you have full flexibility and control on any custom reward automation.

Learn more about fulfilling physical goods →
Easy to implement referral software
Have flexibility when you need to control the full referral experience from start to finish
Our flexible APIs, integrations, and developer docs make it a smooth developer experience for your engineering team.

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Here's what marketers have to say about GrowSurf

"I had tried several referral marketing platforms before committing to GrowSurf. The UI/UX is much better than any of the competitors in the market, and integration was done quickly without much developer help. You can't beat it."

Wes Wagner
Wes Wagner
Head of Growth & Marketing at Microverse

"I had about ten other referral software providers I looked at. We chose GrowSurf because it was something we could customize without having to get developers to build the whole thing out… The price was another big plus for us."

Tracy Laranjo
Tracy Laranjo
Growth Manager at Willful
How GrowSurf Helps A B2C Financial Services Company Generate 300%+ Returns →

Unlock the power of word-of-mouth marketing and deepen your bond with customers

Set up your referral marketing program with software that lowers your customer acquisition cost, increases customer loyalty, and saves you gobs of time.

14-day free trial
14 day free trial • No credit card required

Trusted by fast-growing B2C, FinTech, and SaaS companies

SurveyMonkey Alma Rally Rd InvestEngine Les Mills MainStreet Vinovest Willful Renmoney