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Calculate your monthly return on investment (ROI) when you use GrowSurf for customer-to-customer referral marketing.

Return on investment

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Net new business per month

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Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

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Reward examples

Here are examples of rewards used by GrowSurf customers.


Give 20 credits, get 20 credits. For every friend you refer who signs up, we'll reward you both with 20 extra credits.
Give $30, Get $30. When you refer a friend, we'll send you both a $30 Amazon gift card!
Get $5 for each friend you refer.
Recruit 2 friends that purchase a credit, and earn 1 reward credit for yourself!
Earn $3 in account credits for each referred friend.
Receive 1 month free for every person you refer that signs up
Invite friends and collect points to pay for your subscription. You'll both get 500 account credits for you and your friend.
Refer a friend and get $60 in credits when they sign up for a Pro account! Plus, your friend will receive a $40 credit to get them started.


Get a $10 gift card for each friend that joins OurCompany!
For every friend you refer that funds their first account, we'll give you both $30 in investment credit.
Invite your friends and you will both receive an additional $50 on your first investment.
Invite friends and you’ll both earn $10 in account credits when they buy or sell at least $150 of cryptocurrency.
When the person you refer links an account, you'll both earn $2 🙌
Receive $200 for every accepted loan application.
Get a $10 gift card for each eligible referral!
Get a £5 gift card for each friend that joins.

SaaS (Self-Service)

Refer a friend and we’ll give you $50 when they become a customer.
You and your referral both get $50 gift cards when they raise their first $100.
Earn a $150 gift card for every referral + your friend gets 50% off their 1st three months!
Earn $100 for every referral!
Refer a friend and get 500 account credits.
Give 20 credits, get 20 credits. For every friend you refer who signs up, we'll rewards you both with 20 extra credits.
When you refer a new customer who uses OurSaaS to fulfill an order, you and your referral will receive $500 of credit towards future orders.
Receive $10 for each person you refer.

Online Education

Receive a $200 gift card for every person who signs up and starts a program.
Invite your friends to learn with us. For each referral, you will get $10 in credits to use on any of our courses.
For every person you refer to our program, you’ll earn a $25 gift card redeemable at and other major retailers. Your friend also gets a $25 discount by using your referral link!
Earn $150 USD for each eligible friend that completes Week 5 in our full-time program!
For every friend you refer who ends up signing up, we will give you $150.
Refer a friend and get $100 USD when they enroll!
Receive a bonus $100 USD for every 5 friends you refer that enroll.
Win a free class for being the top referrer of the month!

Online Insurance

Earn a $100 gift card reward for every person you refer who submits an application with us!
Receive a $20 gift card for each person you refer!
Share & Earn $50 per referral. Get $50 for every person you refer that apply for OurCompany's life insurance.
Get $250 for every customer you refer.

Enterprise B2B

Refer a friend and you'll both get $30 when they schedule a call with us!
For every friend you refer, you'll get a $100 Tango Card of your choice, with 200+ retailers, after 30 days of them becoming a paying customer!
Get a $100 gift card after you refer someone and they complete the signup process.
Give $200, get $200. For every person you refer, we'll give you both $200 off your next campaign.
Refer a friend and receive a $50 gift card when they make their first booking!
Receive $500 for your organization for every person you refer that signs up with us.
We'll send you $250 cash for every referral that raises $2,500.
Earn up to $300 by sharing your love for OurCompany! For every person you refer who completes a demo, you will receive a $50 eGift. For every deal that closes, you will receive an additional $250 eGift.

🎉 You're missing out on ${{roiCalculator.revenueFromMonthlyReferrals - roiCalculator.totalMonthlyFees | number: 0}} every month

By not offering a referral program to your customers, you're leaving money on the table. Ready to get an ROI of {{roiCalculator.monthlyCalculatedRoi | number: 0}}% with GrowSurf?

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Our Customers

Marketing and product teams choose GrowSurf to maximize their results

With our top-rated referral software, GrowSurf customers launch faster and enjoy results like these: 312% return on investment, 30% of new leads from referrals, 15% of ARR from referrals.

"I had tried several referral marketing platforms before committing to GrowSurf. The UI/UX is much better than any of the competitors in the market, and integration was done quickly without much developer help. You can't beat it."

Wes Wagner
Wes Wagner
Head of Growth & Marketing at Microverse

"We wanted a cost-savvy solution that could be managed and changed easily without the help of IT/devs. GrowSurf provided us exactly what our business needed! They saved me and our development team valuable time by providing an easy-to-use solution of building an internal system, with minimal coding. With GrowSurf’s support, I was able to set up the entire program within a day."

Gabriella Di Fazio
Gabriella Di Fazio
Marketing Manager at SurveyMonkey

"We were looking for a flexible system to implement on the development side, and easy enough for our marketing team to be able to explore and manage. GrowSurf checked all the boxes."

Michelangelo Guarise
Michelangelo Guarise
Founder, CEO at Volumio
Why A B2C Music Web App Chose GrowSurf To Launch Their Custom Referral Program To Achieve 9% Monthly Growth →

"Growsurf made it incredibly easy to launch a referral program for our new and existing users and website visitors. We considered a wide array of options and Growsurf was by far the best value for money."

Max Friedman
Max Friedman
Co-Founder & CEO at Givebutter

"We use Growsurf to track ALL of our referrals, from paid acquisition channels to newsletters. GrowSurf is responsible for 15% of our new ARR from the last six weeks."

Nick IpAbouzeid
Nick Abouzeid
Head of Marketing at MainStreet
Hyper-Growth B2B Startup Efficiently Scales Marketing with GrowSurf, Driving 15% ARR from Referrals →

"No need to compare other referral marketing solutions. I've compared them all, and we went with GrowSurf.…Their quick-campaign creation and super fast customer support are amazing. Value for price is also unmatched."

Chino Lex
Chino Lex
Founder, CEO at Keyring

"GrowSurf is residual lead gen that we don't have to think about. We wanted something that we could put on autopilot. For every one person who signs up for Draftbit, we essentially get 1.33 new leads from that person."

Nick Selman
Nick Selman
Head of Growth at Draftbit
How A Consumer SaaS Platform Uses GrowSurf To Get 30% More Leads Every Month →

"We ditched a lot of GrowSurf's competitors because they were too expensive. GrowSurf was our saving grace. We wouldn't have a referral program if we had to pay $1,000 per month."

Diego Dal Cero
Diego Dal Cero
Founder, CEO at EvenFi
How A Fintech Crowdlending Platform Uses GrowSurf To Drive 40% Month-Over-Month Growth →

"I had about ten other referral software providers I looked at. We chose GrowSurf because it was something we could customize without having to get developers to build the whole thing out. The price was another big plus for us."

Tracy Laranjo
Tracy Laranjo
Growth Manager at Willful
How GrowSurf Helps A B2C Financial Services Company Generate 300%+ Returns →

"The level of time dedicated to thinking about what we want as a referral program was made easy by GrowSurf.…Referrals make up 5% of our sales and generate more 5-star reviews on Trustpilot."

Jacomo Deschatelets
Jacomo Deschatelets
Co-Founder, CMO at Emma Life Insurance

"GrowSurf customer support is a 10 out of 10. Their replies are real answers -- it's not the traditional customer support experience. They go above and beyond."

Stéphane Le Mentec
Stéphane Le Mentec
Digital Marketing Manager at International TEFL Academy
How An Education Company Achieves 1055% ROI using GrowSurf →

"I've built referral programs for Grab and a few other startups. I am now using GrowSurf for AI Camp. I love your product. Keep it going!"

Dr. Michael Ke Zhang
Dr. Michael Ke Zhang
Co-founder at AI Camp
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Unlock the power of word-of-mouth marketing and deepen your bond with customers

Set up your referral marketing program with software that lowers your customer acquisition cost, increases customer loyalty, and saves you gobs of time.

14-day free trial
14 day free trial • No credit card required

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