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Want to automate acquisition?

Again and again, incentivized referral campaigns outperform other acquisition channels for newsletter publishers.

GrowSurf customers enjoy results like these:

Overnight list growth

30% of new leads from referrals

Less than $1.00 CAC

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Grow with organic shares and signups

Get ready to experience that first-time feeling of getting a real referral. And then, enjoy it every single day you wake up and check out your new subscribers.

With quick wins and no hassle, our referral program software for email newsletters is a no-brainer.

Viral growth

Simplified scalability

Compounding results

14-day free trial
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Case Studies

Enjoy a lower customer acquisition cost than any other channel

The Uptick referral program

"There wasn't a lot of risk to try out GrowSurf. We ended up loving it. The integration process was so easy with GrowSurf, I did it in an hour. The last referral software I tried, it took me around twenty hours."

The Uptick CTO
The Uptick CTO
The Uptick
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Not Boring referral program

"The most important thing for us was that the referral program had to be something that we could build and execute without having to have someone technical on the team. GrowSurf’s ease of implementation was pretty awesome. If we had paid someone to build our referral program from scratch, it would have been a pretty expensive and web-dev-rate consuming process."

Tommy Gamba
Tommy Gamba
Strategy & Growth at Not Boring
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Our Features

Explore what makes GrowSurf a win-win-win

Unique referral links that are easy to share
Your subscribers will see their unique referral link and they can share it instantly via email, social media, text message, etc. without having to sign up for your referral program.
turnkey referral software
Embeddable anywhere
Just copy and paste pre-made blocks of code to embed GrowSurf in your email newsletter, on your website, or anywhere else you want subscribers to be able to find their unique link.
referral api
Fast setup and management
Choose the rewards, design the elements, craft the email notifications, install GrowSurf, and you’re off to the races. As your subscriber base and active referrers grow, your program is just as easy to maintain.
referral api
All the integrations you need
Hook up with your email marketing software, gift solutions, and other important systems to accurately manage rewards, automate fulfillment, and grow your subscriber base.
Zapier referral API webhooks
Referral campaign funnel analytics
Get smarter with campaign analysis that reveals essential funnel stats. Learn how each step of the program converts so you can know what to improve on to increase results.
Easy to implement referral software
Fully whitelabeled landing page

No one will know you didn’t build this out yourself

Automatic reward sending

Automate criteria checking and reward fulfillment

Easier features with better pricing

Save with a tool that’s easy to use, and get help as needed

14-day free trial
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Reward Spotlight

Craft a referral program just like Morning Brew*

For good reason, Morning Brew has one of the most popular email newsletter referral programs.

No matter what email system you’re using, you can set up a similar rewards program that practically runs itself.
See example →
*Morning Brew is not a GrowSurf customer.
This page is for demo purposes only.
morning brew referral program

Mix and match rewards in your own strategic campaigns

Milestone rewards

Give multiple rewards as referrers hit different tiers

Single-sided rewards

Offer a reward only to the referrer

Double-sided rewards

Give a reward to the referrer and their friend

Leaderboard rewards

Offer a reward for your top referrer for the time period

Supercharge word-of-mouth acquisition

Grow your email newsletter with the referral program software that’s simple and profitable

14-day free trial
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