7 Proven Methods for Effective SaaS Email List Building

Posted by Chris Tweten | Aug 25, 2021

SaaS Email List Building Tips

Want to turn email into your #1 communication channel?

Well, you should brush up on SaaS email list building tactics first!

While your job as a marketer might be gaining as many subscribers to your website as possible, it’s also your job to keep them happy. In other words, you don’t want to overwhelm your subscribers with too many (or too little) emails. But fear not! We’re here with some of the best tried and true methods to get your SaaS strategy running with email list building!

In this article, we’ll show you 7 proven methods that will help you and your brand build a great SaaS email list. In these ways, not only will your brand thrive from implementing said methods, but also, your subscribers will thank you for doing so! Read on! 

1. Consider Content Upgrades

First and foremost, you’ll need to create content that’s tailored to your subscribers. In other words, create what they like, not what you like. Essentially, a content upgrade is considered “bonus” content which can be offered to users in exchange for their email address.

The secret to this? Audience segmentation.

Segmenting your users will allow you to understand them more as your consumers. As a result, segmenting your email subscribers can let you customize your content to be more tailored to what they want.

2. Simplify Signup

When someone receives an email that asks them to sign up for a newsletter, and if they like what they see, then they should be able to sign up from the email – no questions asked. However, if the sign-up process is prolonged and tedious, then people will begin to lose interest and have second thoughts on signing up.

You’ll also need to make sure that your signup requests via email are well-optimized. According to HubSpot, nearly 1 in 5 email campaigns aren’t mobile-friendly. Make sure that you take into account the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designs of your emails allow for steady user navigation to make the sign-up possible.

3. Let Subscribers Opt-In Or Out

“It’s important to let your email subscribers opt in or out of receiving emails,” says Demetri Crowne, a business writer at UK Writings. “The last thing you want is for your subscribers to be overwhelmed with too many emails from your company. To make matters worse, if subscribers aren’t able to unsubscribe to your emailing list, it can be annoying. So, make it your job to allow subscribers to opt in or out of receiving future emails that you may send.”

4. Show Case Studies

Case studies make products and services more believable, seeing that people are more trusting of people that they know – or people that they see – than just reading a statement about a product or service. Therefore, make sure to mention case studies in your emails.

5. Consider Launching An Affiliate Program

You can also use affiliates to promote your products and services. By getting an affiliate (or more) to convince consumers to sign up for your brand’s email newsletter, you’ll soon get loyal customers from said leads.

According to GetResponse, 81% of advertisers will use affiliate marketing to promote products or services, and then generate sales as a result.

Managing and scaling up an affiliate program requires a huge time commitment if done manually. We highly suggest looking into affiliate software to make the process smooth as butter.

6. Launch A Referral Program

According to a 2015 study from Nielson, 83% of consumers trust friends and family when shopping online for a product or service. It’s important to have a referral program for your users so that you can compound the viral effects of building a network.

Just keep in mind: You can’t confuse a referral program with a loyalty program. The difference between loyalty and referral programs is simple. Loyalty programs are for driving repeat purchases from existing customers, whereas referral programs attract new customers.

The good news is, using referral software lets you create a referral program overnight.

7. Write A Winning CTA

Finally, promoting your product or service is a must!

Writing an effective call to action (CTA) can help you bring attention to your promotion in the email. CTAs help you urge readers to sign up for more information, updates, or any other goal you’re tackling. Common phrases used as a CTA include:

  • “Submit!”
  • “Click here!”
  • “Register today!”, or
  • Any other catchy word or phrase.

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