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Chris Tweten

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Company News

Announcement: Stripe Referral Partnership with GrowSurf

Exciting news to share: We're proud to announce GrowSurf is now an official Stripe Partner with full API integration for automated Stripe referral programs!

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 10, 2021
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Referral Marketing

4 Ways You Can Set Up Referral Tracking Today

Referral tracking is the cornerstone of every successful referral program so it's important to plan out and set up, either manually or with referral software.

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 5, 2021
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10 Reasons Your Startup Needs to Hire a Virtual Assistant

If you needed a reason to hire a virtual assistant for your startup, here's 10! Beyond just freeing up valuable time, hiring a VA can make a huge impact.

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 4, 2021
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7 SaaS Content Marketing Strategies for High Growth

SaaS content marketing might not bring in results right away, but it's sure to result in consistent signups over the long run. Here's how Milkwhale gets it done.

Posted by Chris Tweten | July 24, 2021
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How Automation Can Improve Your Startup's ARR

Automation should be treated as a tool, not a solution. A tool that can drastically increase your ARR (annual recurring revenue), in more than a few ways.

Posted by Chris Tweten | July 21, 2021
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The Anatomy of a Successful SaaS Pricing Strategy

SaaS pricing can be one of the most challenging parts of operating a software company. Here is a breakdown of how to make a successful SaaS pricing strategy.

Posted by Chris Tweten | July 20, 2021
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Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing Definitions You Should Know

When entering a new field, jargon can be a scary thing. Lucky for you, we gathered up all the most important referral marketing definitions for you.

Posted by Chris Tweten | July 1, 2021
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Top 10 SaaS Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

No matter what stage your company is at, there are vital SaaS metrics you should be tracking. From traffic to churn, here’s our top 10 and how to calculate them

Posted by Chris Tweten | June 30, 2021
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How to Build and Benefit from Social Currency in Marketing

What is social currency? In this guide, we explore the social currency definition, benefits and examples you can steal for your own brand building.

Posted by Chris Tweten | June 4, 2021