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8 Tried-and-Tested B2C Marketing Techniques For Measuring Brand Awareness

Are you wondering how you can measure brand awareness at your company? We explore eight tested and tried B2C marketing techniques you can use to measure your brand awareness.

Posted by Kevin Yun | March 7, 2022
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Newsletter Referral Program Case Study: 339,000+ Subscribers

the news is a tech and finance newsletter that gained over 339k subscribers using GrowSurf referral program software. Learn the drivers behind their growth.

Posted by Chris Tweten | November 26, 2021
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Insights from Inside the Infamous PayPal Referral Program

Learn how PayPal used referral marketing to get their crucial first 1 million users and how you can run a referral program just like theirs.

Posted by Amanda Laine | November 15, 2021
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How Tesla’s Referral Program Earned Elon Musk 40x ROI

Learn what made the Tesla referral program effective, bringing 40x ROI with a $0 advertising budget. Tesla's choice of referral rewards was key in their success

Posted by Kevin Yun | October 6, 2021
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7 of the Best Referral Programs of All Time

What do Tesla, Airbnb and World of Warcraft have in common? They ran some of the best referral programs of all time! Here's what you can learn from them.

Posted by Lars Arboleda | July 27, 2021
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How Blue Apron’s Referral Program Costs Ate Them Alive

Blue Apron's referral incentives were generous. Too generous. Learn about their blunder to prevent your referral program from being a recipe for disaster.

Posted by Amanda Laine | June 21, 2021
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5 Marketing Lessons From the Amazon Prime Referral Program

Amazon Prime contributes 6.5% of the company's total revenue, and their successful referral program was a huge part of helping them grow to 200 million members.

Posted by Liam Terrington | June 20, 2021
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How to Master the 7 Principles of Persuasion in Marketing

Learning from Cialdini's 6 Principles of Persuasion can lead to massive growth. Mastering the persuasion principles will create deeper customer relations.

Posted by Grant Robertson-Adams | June 17, 2021
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10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas and Examples for Crazy Growth

Are you looking for guerrilla marketing ideas to excite your imagination? We have 10 real-life examples that can inspire your next profit-making campaign.

Posted by Sandra Petrova | June 15, 2021