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What's the Difference Between an Affiliate Program and a Referral Program?

Affiliate and referral marketing programs share the same goal of getting more customers through incentivized referrals, but they target different audiences with different types of rewards. Learn more about the differences in this article.

Posted by Kevin Yun | July 16, 2019
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3 Key Lessons From Airbnb’s Referral Program That Boosted Daily Bookings by 300%

The secret to Airbnb's growth is their referral program. Airbnb has mastered referral marketing to create one of the most successful startups that boosted growth through word-of-mouth.

Posted by Kevin Yun | May 9, 2019
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Startups Case Study

How Tesla Achieved 40x ROI with a $0 Advertising Budget

This is how Tesla leveraged customer loyalty to build a hugely successful referral program with a $0 advertising budget.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 16, 2019