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Startups Tips

How Startups Can Build Brand Affinity on a $0 Budget

Startups are uniquely positioned to build brand affinity, even without a marketing budget. Don’t you want to have devout followers?

Posted by Amanda Laine | July 12, 2021
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Referral Marketing

12 Reasons Why You Should Launch a Referral Program

There are many various ways that you can create and run a successful referral program and even more reasons why you should launch one. Here's 12 to get started:

Posted by Grant Robertson-Adams | July 6, 2021
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Referral Marketing

What's a Good Referral Rate? Referral Program Benchmarks

Do you know what's a good referral rate for your industry? Read on and learn all about referral rates and incredibly easy strategies to increase them.

Posted by Sandra Petrova | July 5, 2021
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Startups Referral Marketing SaaS

Referral Marketing Best Practices to Share with Your Team

Is your referral program falling short? Follow these 8 referral marketing best practices and you can turn your referred customer acquisition into a winner

Posted by Lars Arboleda | July 2, 2021
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Startups SaaS

Pirate Metrics Explained: What AARRR Means For Your Startup

AARRR! Every startup should get familiar with these 5 letters. Learn about how you can use pirate metrics to figure out what's working and what isn't.

Posted by Grant Robertson-Adams | July 1, 2021
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Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing Definitions You Should Know

When entering a new field, jargon can be a scary thing. Lucky for you, we gathered up all the most important referral marketing definitions for you.

Posted by Chris Tweten | July 1, 2021
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Startups SaaS

Top 10 SaaS Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

No matter what stage your company is at, there are vital SaaS metrics you should be tracking. From traffic to churn, here’s our top 10 and how to calculate them

Posted by Chris Tweten | June 30, 2021
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Startups Tips SaaS

5 Target Market Examples to Help Find Your Target Audience

Defining your target market is just the first step in understanding your audience. Did you know you can identify your target market in 3 steps?

Posted by Amanda Laine | June 28, 2021
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Tips Referral Marketing

How to Design and Use Referral Cards to Get New Customers

Why not make it easier and more beneficial for your customers to refer you? Let's take a look at how to design and use referral cards to get new customers.

Posted by Rebecca Hey | June 25, 2021