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How Morning Brew's Referral Program Grew to 2.5 Million Subs

One good way to create a successful referral program is to look at how other people did it. Case in point: Morning Brew. Want to learn how they built an audience of 2.5 million? This blog post breaks down the Morning Brew referral program in detail!

Posted by Lars Arboleda | February 28, 2021
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Bench Accounting's B2B Referral Program Breakdown: How a Purpose-Driven Brand Drives Referrals

We break down exactly how Bench Accounting’s B2B referral program encourages sharing using a purpose-driven approach—from how they communicate their value proposition and the incentives they offer customers, to the CTA placements on their website and the language used in their emails.

Posted by Lars Arboleda | February 22, 2021
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4 Powerful Ways to Optimize Your Referral Program

While referral programs are an effective way to promote your products and services, they’re not always easy to optimize. Here are 4 powerful ways to optimize your referral program.

Posted by Lars Arboleda | January 8, 2021
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How to Use Psychology in Your Newsletter Referral Program to Get More Subscribers

In this article we cover seven tried-and-true ways to use psychology in your newsletter referral program to get more subscribers.

Posted by Andreea Macoveiciuc | November 4, 2020
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What Is a Viral Loop and How Does It Work?

A viral loop is a mechanism you put in place that helps your existing users spread the word about your company/product. Learn about how viral loops work, how you can kickstart them into motion, and what exponential viral growth results to expect.

Posted by Lars Arboleda | October 29, 2020
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How To Ask For Referrals: Lessons From 5 Startups Who Turned Into Unicorns With The Power Of Referral Marketing

PayPal, Stripe, Discord, Birchbox and Revolut owe part of their early traction to word of mouth and referral marketing. Learn how these startups turned into unicorns with the power of referral marketing.

Posted by Andreea Macoveiciuc | October 26, 2020
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5 Mistakes Companies Make When Leveraging Referral Marketing

It seems like a straightforward proposition: reward customers – who already love you – to bring in new customers. A win-win for everyone, right? Not necessarily. Businesses of all sizes struggle with creating a customer referral program that works.

Posted by Emily Heaslip | September 8, 2020
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5 Reasons Why You Need Software to Manage Your Referral Marketing

Referral marketing software lets you automate referral tracking and maximize the ROI of your referral campaign through automation. It also gives you critical visibility on performance. See 5 reasons why you need referral program software.

Posted by Emily Heaslip | September 8, 2020
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The Mega List of 41 Referral Software Solutions For Launching A Customer Referral Program

Are you looking to launch a referral program for your internet business or newsletter? We've compiled a comprehensive list of all the referral program software options you have in the market.

Posted by Kevin Yun | July 23, 2020