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Startups Tips SaaS

7 Proven Methods for Effective SaaS Email List Building

Want to turn email into your #1 communication channel? Well, you should brush up on SaaS email list building tactics first!

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 25, 2021
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Startups SaaS

SaaS Marketplaces Explained: Why They Matter for Marketing

While not the greatest SaaS lead generation channel, listing your software on SaaS marketplaces can bring in a steady stream of high quality leads over time.

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 24, 2021
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Referral Marketing SaaS

How to Choose the Perfect Referral Software for Your Company

Are you on the lookout for the best referral marketing tool? You're in luck because we break down how to choose referral software that aligns with your goals.

Posted by Sandra Petrova | August 22, 2021
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10 Proven Strategies for Increasing Customer Loyalty

Increasing customer loyalty leads to retained customers, more revenue and increased brand value. Building on customer loyalty makes a big difference to growth.

Posted by Grant Robertson-Adams | August 20, 2021
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Tips Referral Marketing

Loyalty vs Referral Programs: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Loyalty and referral programs are often used interchangeably, but they’re two different things. Read on and discover which one is better for your business.

Posted by Sandra Petrova | August 19, 2021
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9 Simple Ways to Design a High-Converting Landing Page

High-converting landing pages are the holy grail of any digital business. Here's how you can design landing pages that bring in conversions.

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 18, 2021
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Why Socially Responsible Marketing is Important in 2021

In a single word: Purpose. Socially responsible marketing connects purpose to brands, a powerful combo you should take seriously as a brand. Here's how.

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 17, 2021
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Does cold calling actually work for B2B companies in 2021?

Don’t neglect traditional sales tactics for your B2B! Cold calling works great for certain types of B2B companies, including SaaS, EdTech and Online Education.

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 16, 2021
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Tips Newsletters

10 Cold Email Tips for More Opens and Better Response Rates

Learn how to design and write cold emails with strategic advantage. In this blog, we cover 10 cold email tips to improve open and response rates.

Posted by Chris Tweten | August 15, 2021